Friday, February 23, 2007

Marathon Interview

Last week I mentioned an interview I had gone on where the CEO asked me about my stuttering. I was supposed to have a follow-up interview this week, but I could not get away from my current job, so I called my recruiter and told him I was passing on the opportunity.

I thought that was the end of that, but on Thursday, the company asked if I wanted to come in on Saturday for the follow-up interview. I agreed, so between 8 and 11:30 AM tomorrow, I have 7 separate 30 minute interviews scheduled with this company. 3 of the interviews are with people I would be managing - the other 4 are with managers of other areas of the company. I know some of these people can't be happy about having to come in on Saturday to interview some yahoo for the Controller position.

My speech has been pretty lousy this week, mainly from a total lack of focus and concentration on my targets. This evening I have been putting extra effort into monitoring my targets, as I will in the morning. I have been on enough interviews the past few months, that I have my answers and sales pitches down pretty well, so that should allow me to focus more on my targets than trying to come up with an answer to a question.

This should be an interesting experience.

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Puhmeow said...

I hope all the interviews went well on Saturday!