Saturday, February 17, 2007

Honest Interview Question

As I have mentioned before, I am currently in the process of exploring other employment opportunities. Friday morning I was being interviewed for the Controller position at a small healthcare support company. As we closed the interview the CEO told me that I had really made an impression on him and that he wanted me to come back next week to interview with others in the Company, but he said he wanted to ask me one more question before we closed.

He asked me if I felt my speech would have an impact on how I performed the job. I was not expecting that question but I was able to give a good answer as it opened the door for me to sale my history of overcoming my stuttering as an asset, as opposed to a liability. The discussion of my stuttering up front also opened the door, for in the case that I am offered the position, it will be easier for me to include time off and having the Company pay for my PFSP Refreshers in the salary and compensation negotiations.

During job interviews my speech is usually pretty good - no major blocks, mainly some class IV issues, but it is still obvious that I am a stutterer. I am sure the question that this interviewer asked crosses the mind of others, but for whatever reason, they don't ask. But it was a nice change to have someone actually ask me an honest interview question.

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