Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Targets

Novelchick and the little one were out of town over the weekend, hosting a wedding shower for a friend, so I had nobody to transfer with at home the last few days. As a result, my targets seem worse than usual for a Monday morning. Since our North Point Small Group meets tonight, I need to make a concerted effort this afternoon to get back on track. Below, are my action items for accomplishing that:
  • I have a few external phone calls to make this afternoon, so that will give me an opportunity to exaggerate my targets.
  • On the drive home tonight, I will listen to the PFSP practice CD.
  • I will pay extra attention to monitoring full breath while I work at my desk this afternoon, in addition to exaggerating targets while transferring with co-workers this afternoon.

I was reminded this weekend how important it is to set the tone for any conversation I have. Over the weekend, I ate at a few restaurants alone. It has always been my experience that if you want really fast service, eat by yourself. When you are at a table alone, any decent waiter will do their best to get you served and out the door so they can turn the table (presumably to a party with multiple diners and a larger check and tip). Over the weekend, I found myself allowing waiters to dictate the terms of the conversation, which prompted me to rush and push my syllable durations to a speed as to where I could not feel my targets. I need to continue to work on that.


John MacIntyre said...

"I will listen to the PFSP practice CD"

What is that CD?


Rob said...


Thanks for reading my blog!

The practice CD is a staple of Ross Barrett's program. It is approximately 25 minute of target review... i.e. Ross says a sentence, using target pair X and Y and you repeat the sentence using the same target pair.

Six years ago, I convinced him to swith the format from cassette to CD. He updates the CD every few years with new sentences, but it is basically the same format. I listen to the CD, usually, 2X per week.

My toddler thinks it is the funniest thing in the world when Ross says a sentence and I repeat exactly what he has said.

John MacIntyre said...

"Thanks for reading my blog!"

No problem. Thanks for reading mine. ;-) (which, btw, I just changed)

The CD sounds good. We did something like that, but each student does thier own. But, because the Gentle Onset box hates me, and I wasted a lot of time attempting to get perfect recordings, I never finished it.