Tuesday, January 06, 2009

W and Reading

I am not the biggest fan of George W, but I thought this was an interesting article that a friend emailed to me today.

I probably read 20-25 books a year. Quite a few are about baseball, but I try to mix in various historical and self-help books. On his radio show, Dave Ramsey often throws out the factoid that "the average millionaire reads 12 non-fiction books per year." I believe he got that from The Millionaire Next Door, one of my all time favorite books. Some books I start and I never finish (the Bill Clinton biography - I did not like how it ended with him leaving office).

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GoBrewersGo said...

I had heard about this last year (Karl Rove sometimes calls into the Rush Limbaugh program). It really is amazing how much of a time-waster TV is. And I don't understand the perception that the President is dumb because he is not the most articulate - in some ways it's the same as perceiving us as dumb because we stutter.