Wednesday, August 06, 2008

IPOD Shuffle

I have accepted the fact that I have lost my beloved generation one IPOD shuffle.

The last time I remember having it was during my flight home from my PFSP Refresher in early June. On the flight, there was a couple (probably in their 50's) sitting next to me, who from the moment I heard them walking down the aisle were complaining about their flying experience. It sounded like they had not flown much in the post 9-11 era. Apparently, they were expecting much more luxury from their AirTran coach ticket (which I am sure cost them less than $200).

Ordinarily, right after a Refresher, I take the opportunity to talk with anyone who will listen to me so that I can work on my speech targets. However, in this case, I wanted no part of talking with these people. Nor, did I want to hear them complain about how much nicer it was to fly in the 70's. So I quickly pulled out my IPOD and put my ear buds in and had a peaceful flight back to Atlanta.

Financially, I can replace the shuffle for very little - I believe a new generation 2 goes for less than $50. However, this IPOD was very special to me as Staci and Charlotte gave it to me for my first Father's Day a few years ago.

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