Thursday, January 18, 2007

ISAD Conference 9

Every October, Minnesota State University, Makato hosts the International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) Online Conference. I always find some interesting reading in all of the stories and papers presented.

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GoBrewersGo said...

Great to see the blog up again, Rob! Now that I'm a blogger (albeit semi-retired), I'll post a bit of rant...

It seems to me that stuttering reserach is stagnant compared to other medical and scientific fields. Just think about all of the more serious disorders that have cures or at least relief for symptoms. A good argument can be made that those are more important to take care of, but then I see ads on TV for less-serious ailments that also have treatments. The same "experts" I hear trashing advances like fluency shaping have done absolutely nothing towards advancing the research field.

I don't think that people in the medical field understand how much money they could make if they find a cure for this.

I appreciate what I've gotten out of the PFSP, I feel I'm moving forward, compared to nowhere with the previous therapies. But we all wish for that pill, or procedure, whatever, that is a cure.

More attention (research activity, money) needs to go to the physical causes and cures for stuttering rather than paying people to rehash coping techniques that don't solve the problem.

Your friend,